Aortic Infections

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Ashley Davidoff MD


Aortic infection occurs through transmission of organisms via the vasa vasorum. Mycotic aneurysm, perigraft infection syphilis

Aortic Valve Vegetations

This gray scale echo of the heart showing a short-axis aorta left atrial view,, and demonstrating vegetations on the aortic valve. The patient has a diagnosis of bacterial endocarditis. Courtesy Philips Medical Systems 33126 code cardiac heart echo AO valve vegetations SBE bacterial endocarditis infection imaging cardiac echo

Mycotic Aneurysm with Osteomyelitis

This combination of images from a CTscan of the abdomen are of a middle aged man who presented with back pain and fever, with a remote history of AAA repair. The lateral scout film shows scalloping of vertebral bodies 2 and 3 (a) highighted in green overlay in b. The CTscan with soft tissue windows (c) and bone windows (d) show a complex fluid collection surrounding the aorta which proved to be a perigraft infection. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 22725c02 code CVS artery aorta abdomen abscess AA repair infection bone vertebra lumbar anterior scalloping

Mycotic Aneurysm

hx 68F with previous aortic surgery p/w back pain and fever aorta descending thoracic, thoracoabdominal fx periaortic fluid collection fx false aneurysm fx pseudoaneurysm fx paravertebral fluid collection bone vertebral body destruction dx mycotic aneurym with dx vertebral osteomyelitis CTscan

Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 44502


Ascending Aorta – Dilated and Calcified

This lateral examination of the chest shows fine calcification in an ectatic ascending aorta associated with aortic annular calcification. Note the remarkable paucity of atherosclerotic change in the descending aorta. These findings are highly characteristic of tertiary syphilis of the aorta. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 00018c code CVS artery aorta ascending syphilis aneurysm calcification tortoise shell