The aorta is part of the circulatory system and is characterized by being the the largest artery in the body. It is connected to the left ventricle on its proximal end and terminates at the bifurcation into the iliac system.

It is structurally characterized by its size and its  tubular and elastic nature.

Its function is to deliver oxygenated blood to all the organs and tissues of the body.   It is characterized by its ability to receive the full stroke volume of theleft ventricle and then maintain forward flow during the diastolic period.  It is able to convert the systolic thrust into a smoother, dampened pulsatile flow through the arterial tree.

The most common diseases that affect the aorta are atherosclerosis and aneurysmal disease.

Commonly used diagnostic procedures for these diseases are multidetector CT , MRI, and echocardiography.

These diseases are usually treated with open surgery and other minimally invasive techniques.